Little Sister wins CBC contest for Winnipeg's best coffee

Little Sister Coffee Maker has been named the makers of Winnipeg's best coffee.
Graham Bargen, owner of coffee shop Thom Bargen, prepares coffee for CBC's contest. The winner is Little Sister at 470 River Avenue in Winnipeg. (CBC)

Little Sister Coffee Maker has been named the makers of Winnipeg's best coffee in a CBC contest.

Following two intensive rounds of blind taste-testing, and much deliberation, the judges came to a unanimous decision.

Andy Wiebe, owner of Jonny's Java in Winkler, said Little Sister's coffee was superlative. 

"The overall balance on it was amazing," he said. "The aroma was full and sweet and had everything that you were looking for." 

Judge Sarah Zaharia is no stranger to Little Sister, but she said she was shocked when she found out that cup # 5 was from the Osborne Village cafe.

"Whether it's a cappuccino, an espresso or a slow drip, the coffee there really is fantastic," she said.

Dozens of CBC listeners nominated their favourite cafés and the judges' scores were high for the top five contenders.

Harry Samphir, who wasn't sure whether he was buzzing from the excitement of the morning or the caffeine, said it's been a good experience for all the contenders.

"It says a lot about the people who live here and the entrepreneurs who start these businesses. I think it's a great sign of things to come," he said. 

Little Sister beat out Parlour Cafe, Thom Bargen, Cafe Postal, and Cafe D'amour. 


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