About 20 limo drivers protested at the Manitoba legislative building Friday afternoon over a recently announced plan from the Winnipeg Airports Authority.

The authority wants a single limo provider to provide on-demand service to the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport.

Currently, 18 companies provide on-demand service to the airport, but authority officials said they have received a number of complaints about some providers.

Officials said there have been complaints about dirty limos, lack of courtesy and in some cases, customers being solicited.

Under the new on-demand system, all limo companies could still show up to the airport for prearranged bookings, but only one company would receive calls from the airport ordering limos.

Jag Kailey has been in the limo business for five years and said drivers shouldn’t be penalized because of complaints about a few.

"They can’t say all of the guys are like that. If you find somebody who isn’t providing service, you can kick them out," said Kailey.

The Winnipeg Airports Authority said all 18 local limo companies are eligible to bid on the contract for on-demand service.