Olympic organizers are allowing a Winnipeg-based tour company to continue selling tickets for the 2010 Winter Games as part of a legal settlement that ends a lawsuit between the two sides.

The 2010 organizing committee launched the suit against Roadtrips Inc. in May, claiming the company was violating Olympic rules by selling tickets to the Games as part of their travel packages, because it was not an authorized reseller.

The tour company responded by saying organizers were unfairly monopolizing ticket sales and that the agreements they claimed governed sales didn’t exist.

Among other things, organizers wanted the court to order Roadtrips to disclose the source of their tickets in a bid to crack down on the unauthorized resale of official seats.

They had threatened to invalidate any tickets belonging to sponsors or Olympic officials that ended up in resellers’ hands.

While Roadtrips provided the name of a company in the Netherlands as one of their sources, the rest of the case has now been settled out of court.

But now, Roadtrips will obtain their tickets from Jet Set Sports, the official hospitality provider for the Games, said Dave Cobb, deputy chief executive officer of the organizing committee, known as VANOC.

"We can ensure the validity of those tickets, which was our number one reason for talking to Roadtrips and a number of other companies we’ve talked to about this issue, about having concern that tickets would be out in the marketplace that are not valid," said Cobb.

"So this settlement with Roadtrips achieves that objective."

Dave Guenther, president of Roadtrips, also confirmed the settlement, saying the appropriate documents have been filed in court.

"The terms of the settlement are confidential, and cannot be disclosed. No further comment will be made regarding the matter," Guenther said in an email to The Canadian Press.

As of Wednesday, Roadtrips was offering packages to the Games starting at $4,675 per person, which includes transportation, accommodation and other incentives. It wasn’t clear from their website which events they have tickets for and how many.

Jet Set paid a reported $15 million to be the official hospitality provider for the Games, and it’s not known how many of their tickets will be going to Roadtrips or how much money is changing hands in the deal.

Jet Set didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.