At least one Paul McCartney fan says he's angry he paid full price for tickets to the former Beatle's concert in Winnipeg next week, when much cheaper tickets have started appearing online.

Tickets to McCartney's concert at Investors Group Field on Aug. 12 are going for as little as $17 on websites like StubHub, with floor tickets as low as $40.

By contrast, official prices on Ticketmaster start at $35 and go up to $250.

Todd Trudeau, a longtime Beatles fan in Winnipeg, said he paid $1,200 for four tickets so he and his family could go.

"If I would have waited, I could've bought 15 tickets then, instead of four, for what I paid for. It's not right," he told CBC News on Thursday.

Trudeau said he's furious that he paid full price for the tickets when they're going so cheaply now.

"That pisses me off because that's not right. I paid so much money to go see them — big fan of theirs," he said.

"Maybe they should give us like a cash rebate or something like that."

Trudeau added that next time, he'll wait to buy tickets until the last minute.

There is no word on why the McCartney show is not sold out.

Cheap seats can also be found for his Aug. 14 concert at Regina's Mosaic Stadium, with tickets starting at just $6 on StubHub.

Rolling Stone magazine recently listed McCartney among its top 15 current touring acts.