After helping several local fire departments battling blazes whipped up by strong winds on Wednesday, the provincial government says the fires are under control.

People in Langruth, Man., about 120 kilometres northwest of Winnipeg, are without water service and the school is closed on Thursday after one of those fires knocked out power at the community's treatment plant.

Classes are cancelled at Langruth Elementary School, which is one of the buildings without water. Students who go to William Morton Collegiate in Gladstone were picked up as usual.

The fire in the area known as the Big Grass Marsh threatened buildings in the area on Wednesday but was under control by evening.

It closed Highway 50 north of Provincial Road 265 and a stretch of 265 on Wednesday, but the roads reopened after 9 p.m.

Meanwhile, a fire that broke out Wednesday on a property owned by FPM Peat Moss, about 130 kilometres southeast of Winnipeg in the RM of Piney, was under control Thursday.

Officials from Manitoba Sustainable Development helped with firefighting efforts, Reeve Wayne Anderson said.

Also on Wednesday, a fire near Camperville, Man., destroyed several sheds.

Helicopters dropped water on a fire near Peguis First Nation and RCMP and volunteer firefighters monitored a fire near Lake Manitoba First Nation on Wednesday evening that was being fuelled by the strong winds.

Although a provincial spokesperson said they hadn't received any new calls for assistance, he asked people to remain vigilant and check with the local Sustainable Development and municipal offices for burning permit requirements and restrictions.