Drivers of two exotic sports cars were caught street racing along Main Street just north of Winnipeg.


The black Lamborghini, with dealer plates, is seen just before being impounded by police. (Facebook)

Following their high-speed hijinks, the sleek red Dodge Viper and black Lamborghini were left to be hauled away on the back of flat bed tow trucks to an impound lot.

RCMP nabbed the drivers north the Perimeter Highway, near Northumberland Road

Sgt. Rob Lockhart says both drivers are charged with street racing.  

"The potential is there that the people themselves lose their lives, How many others may lose their life? It's crazy to think someone is going to go and make a choice to drive that fast."

Under the existing law, street racers may face fines of up to $5,000 and driver's licence suspensions of up to one year. 10 demerit points are also automatic.

The drivers are now awaiting court dates.

An MPI Spokesperson said the cars are impounded immediately when racing is suspected.

They will be impounded for 48 hours.

RCMP will not say what speeds the pair reached, but exotic cars such as Vipers and Lamborghinis can reach speeds in excess of 300 km/h.