Some young adventurers are snowshoeing across Lake Winnipeg in a weekend trek aimed at testing their limits and bringing them closer together as a group.

Participants in the Forge program at Camp Arnes, a Christian camp north of Winnipeg, embarked on their journey Friday morning.

The six trekkers, some of whom have never gone winter camping before, are towing sleds filled with two nights of supplies as they walk across the frozen lake on snowshoes.

"Well, I've gone camping and stuff, but never winter camping," said Brynn Shore, one of the participants.

Said Jenny Goetz, "I'm from Paraguay and I've never seen snow before. Like, seven weeks ago was the first time I saw snow.

"I like challenges, actually," she added. "Going across the lake … when else would I be able to do something like that?"

The group plans to snowshoe about 35 kilometres from the west side of Lake Winnipeg to the east side. The members expect to complete their trip on Sunday.

"There's no shelter from the wind and the elements; we're just totally exposed," said Matt Hardy, the camp's staffing director. "I haven't done a trip like that."

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