It may be the only place you can catch fiddling, jigging and mud bogging all in one place. ​

Métis Days are happening this weekend in St. Laurent, a community that has been on high alert for evacuation this summer due to rising waters on Lake Manitoba.

The annual festival aims to celebrate Métis culture and teach young people about their history.

Flooding in July nearly forced organizers to cancel the event.

Organizer Shelley Moar said this year’s festival plans have been impacted by flood preparations.

“In the past we've held a lot of the entertainment in our arena,” said Moar. “We can’t do that this year because they're using it for all the sandbags.”

Despite having to move some of the day’s events out of the arena, Moar said area residents still deserve to have some fun after such a tough summer

“You had people coming into the [St. Laurent] who were angry, confused and not knowing what was happening,” said Moar. “This weekend will hopefully take away from that and give them a fun weekend.”

Métis Days fun can be found at the St. Laurent arena grounds north of Winnipeg up Highway 6. The festival ends Sunday evening.