Lac du Bonnet residents are worried about the impacts of a proposed land deal between their RM and a nearby First Nation.

The RM of Lac du Bonnet is negotiating an infrastructure deal with Brokenhead First Nation, which is scheduled to see thousands of acres of land turned over from provincial and federal governments.

Residents are worried the deals will mean they will lose their access to the Lee River.

They’re also concerned First Nation residents would be able to hunt and fish in the area all year.

Reeve Gus Wruck said the RM can’t stop the deal, regardless of residents’ concerns.

"The municipalities really have no say. This is all in the hands of the federal and provincial governments in terms of treaty land," said Wruck.

"We can’t say anything."

Wruck said working with Brokenhead on infrastructure agreements is a better approach than resisting the plans.

"The municipality, in this case the RM of Lac du Bonnet, is obliged to adhere to the municipal act," said Wruck.

He said so far negotiations have gone well.