An injured Manitoba woman who crawled up a snowbank to seek help after spending overnight in a frigid ditch trying to keep her young daughter warm has lost her feet to frostbite.

Kristen Hiebert and four-year-old Avery were going home last month when their car slid off a rural highway near a bridge and rolled down a steep slope to the frozen Souris River.

They spent the night huddled together for 10 hours as temperatures dipped to –23 C.

Photo of ditch

The ditch along Highway 23 where Kristen Hiebert's car left the road. Hiebert and her daughter, Avery, were rescued in the early-morning hours of Jan. 18. (Riley Laychuk/CBC)

At dawn, Hiebert dragged herself up the snowbank despite a broken leg, broken neck and severe frostbite to her bare feet.

Her friend, Morgan Campbell, says Hiebert's feet had to be amputated last week.

Campbell says on a GoFundMe page that Hiebert's family is overwhelmed but buoyed by public support.