A foursome of 10-day old kittens are resting soundly after they were found in a plastic shopping bag and abandoned near a north end field on Sunday afternoon.

The young felines were found near Selkirk Avenue by a Winnipeg resident who called Craig Street Cats – a local shelter that takes in rescued kittens.

"These four kittens would not have survived the night in that field," said Lynne Scott, executive director and founder of Craig Street Cats. "Kittens this young cannot regulate their body temperature so they would have died from exposure to the elements. This is a clear case of animal cruelty."

The kittens, who are still being bottle fed, will be fostered by a volunteer for next two to three weeks until they can eat on their own.

The shelter said when the kittens are old enough they will be available for adoption at Craig Street Cats Adoption Centre at 489 Madison Street.