A four-year-old Winnipeg boy's first day of Kindergarten was spent in confusion after his bus dropped him at the wrong school.

Now, Jacob Rojo's mother is trying to find out how that happened — and why she didn't find out until the next day.

Belhen Rojo said she's upset that school officials never told her until she confronted them on Wednesday.

'My understanding is that he actually enjoyed his day at Mulvey School. However, it was the wrong school. ' —Dale Burgos, Winnipeg School Division 

"Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. There are policies in place to prevent these things from happening and somebody didn't do their job," she said.

Jacob is supposed to attend Laura Secord School but was instead dropped off at Mulvey School, about eight blocks away.

According to Rojo, there were two Jacobs on the bus — each destined for different schools.

"Since the bus driver only said the first name, I guess both Jacobs got off [at Mulvey School]. We don't really know," she said.

Jacob gets picked up by the bus from his daycare and returned there after school.

Rojo said it wasn't until the next day, when Jacob's bus driver apologized to daycare staff, that she learned about the mistake.

"Anything could have happened. What if he didn't end up on the bus at the end of the day?" she said.

Winnipeg School Division spokesperson Dale Burgos said there are checks and balances to make sure children are where they are supposed to be, but in this case there was a series of unfortunate events.

He said from there being two Jacobs on the bus, to the school bus arriving late for afternoon classes at Laura Secord School, problems happened.

"We are sorry that it happened, every level is, right from the transportation representatives to teachers, school principals, [and] division administration," he said.

"It's unfortunate that it happened and we are sorry."

However, Jacob was always with somebody, so he was never left unattended, Burgos noted.

"I should point out that he was in the classroom with other students [and] my understanding is that he actually enjoyed his day at Mulvey School," he said. "However, it was the wrong school."

Division officials have apologized to Rojo and are examining ways to prevent such an incident from happening again.