Winnipeg's Kelvin High School is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a bit of show biz courtesy of famous alumni.

Take a listen to the audio clip as CBC goes behind the scenes during rehearsals.


Notable Kelvin alumni

  • Gail Asper, business and community leader, and human rights advocate
  • Izzy Asper, lawyer, business leader, founder of Global Television
  • Mariam Bernstein, actor, theatre director
  • Michael Cavanagh, singer, opera director
  • Clifford Chadderton, CEO of The War Amps
  • Scott Coe, professional football player
  • Richard Condie, animator, filmmaker, musician
  • Andrew Coyne, journalist, editor of Macleans magazine
  • Ken Finkleman, writer, director, actor, filmmaker
  • Ben Hatskin, founder of the Winnipeg Jets (WHA)
  • Robert Herriot, singer, opera director
  • David Hewson, professional football player
  • Jay Ingram, science journalist, author and broadcaster
  • Michaele Jordana, artist
  • Mike Keane, former NHLer
  • Ken Lazaruk, head CFL ref
  • Grant Ledyard, former NHLer
  • Kevin McCarthy, former NHLer
  • Marshall McLuhan, author, philosopher, scholar, media theorist
  • Graham McPherson, musician
  • Maggie Morris, CBC radio and television personality
  • Mary Morrison, opera singer, voice coach
  • Don Oramasionwu, CFL player for Edmonton Eskimos
  • Fred Penner, children's entertainer
  • Sid Rabinovitch, composer
  • Douglas Rain, actor
  • John K. Samson, musician
  • Glen Scrivener, former professional football player
  • Kara Solmundson, badminton player and Canadian Olympian
  • Shirley Tilghman, president of Princeton University
  • Neil Young, musician
  • Erik J. Berg, actor

The school, at the corner of Kingsway Avenue and Stafford Street in the city's Crescentwood neighbourhood, holds its reunion this weekend and there are rumours one of its most famous sons is in the city.

Rock legend Neil Young lived not far from the school, walking over from his home on Grosvenor Avenue — when he went, that is.

Attendance wasn't his strong suit, and he eventually dropped out.

He played at folk clubs in Winnipeg, where he first met fellow musician Joni Mitchell and wrote the occasional song for other artists, such as The Guess Who.

Young then moved on to California, playing in various bands, and slowly building his legendary status.

Young is one of many musicians to come from Kelvin, including a pair who still call the city home.

Fred Penner is one of the world's most well-known children's entertainers and John K. Samson heads up the hugely popular indie rock band, The Weakerthans.

The school also has an impressive list of theatre and film professionals, athletes and authors.

"The Kelvin High School 100th Anniversary motto is ‘Get your group back together,’ because, it really is a one-­of-­a-­kind school, known for giving students a platform for careers in the performing arts, professional sports, philanthropy, broadcasting, academics, whatever," Jim Pappas, a Kelvin alumnus and anniversary committee co-­chair, stated in a news release.

Pappas and co-­chair Richard Bracken estimate thousands of alumni will attend the weekend’s festivities.

A school open house featuring Kelvin memorabilia is scheduled for Friday with an evening concert featuring a narrated, pictorial history of the school backed by a grad choir as well as Gilbert & Sullivan performers.

It is anticipated that over 4,000 grads will attend the reunion gala dinner scheduled for Saturday, said Pappas.

Radio personalities Roger Currie and Fiona Odlum will host.