Kelekis sign comes down from famous Winnipeg restaurant

An iconic piece of Winnipeg's North End, the Kelekis Restaurant sign, came down on Thursday.
Mike Wolchuk of the Neon Factory collects the iconic Kelekis Restaurant sign for his shop 2:16

An iconic piece of Winnipeg's North End came down on Thursday.

The Kelekis Restaurant sign was taken off the now-vacant building near the corner of Main Street and Redwood Avenue and will find a new home inside the Neon Factory shop.

The sign, dating from the 1970s, will join a much more vintage version — the original 1940's neon Kelekis sign.

Neon Factory owner Mike Wolchuk is the unofficial curator of Winnipeg's vintage signs and welcomes the public to come and view his collection.

The family-run Kelekis eatery closed in January 2013 after 81 years.

The building itself is still for sale.