The fate of Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz’s job is once again under review by the judicial system.

Restaurateur Joe Chan was back in court on Tuesday, appealing a conflict-of-interest suit verdict.

Chan took Katz to court in 2012, accusing him of breaching the city’s conflict of interest legislation.

Chan said a City of Winnipeg Christmas party was held at a restaurant Katz owned in 2010, and the $3,000 tab was paid for using city money.

Chan lost the case, with the judge presiding over the case saying Katz’s conduct amounted to “bad political and ethical behaviour,” but that she did not believe triggering an expensive election was in the public’s best interest.

Chan was in a Winnipeg court room on Tuesday to appeal the judge’s ruling. Three justices presided over the appeal, hearing arguments for both sides.

Lawyers argued over the wording in a section of the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act, which covers what councillors can and cannot do to benefit from their position.

Lawyers for Chan argued Katz was in a conflict of interest because his business directly benefited from the party.

The justices presiding over the appeal decided to reserve their decision in the case, meaning they are taking more time to come up with a verdict.

Chan stood outside the courtroom on Tuesday and said even if the justices ruled in favour of Katz, he would continue his fight.

“We can’t afford this mayor in here. I got family living in here. I’m going to have grand children living in here,” he said. “The city cannot run like this!”

Chan said he will consider pursuing the case to the Supreme Court of Canada if he loses again.