Winnipeg restaurant owner Joe Chan is vowing to take his conflict of interest fight with Mayor Sam Katz to Canada's highest court.

The Manitoba Court of Appeal agreed Friday with an earlier ruling that said Katz did not break the law by hosting a Christmas party for city staff at a restaurant he owned at the time.

Chan said Monday he's not taking no for an answer.

"If my lawyer agree with me, we will go all the way," he said. "You know what? We can't let this thing happen. I couldn't have my relatives, my kids, my grandchildren living here. We can't have the city run like this."

The appeal court ruling also upheld that Chan must pay $10,000 in Katz's legal fees. Chan said he is undeterred.
"Right now we fight for the whole city of Winnipeg citizen (sic)," he said.

Chan wouldn't say how much he has spent on legal fees in the case so far.