A Manitoba judge has thrown out an assault conviction against a soccer player accused of repeatedly kicking a goalie.

The incident happened during a Manitoba Major Soccer League game between the Kildonan Cavaliers and the Polonia S.C. in 2009.

Scott Keast was playing goal for the Cavaliers during a July game when he became involved in a struggle for the ball with another player – Grzegorz Ademiec.

Keast said Ademiec kicked him several times in the face and neck after a scramble for the ball.

The ruling said Keast had grabbed onto Ademiec’s leg. 

Keast left the game with a broken bone and serious bruising.

Ademiec was convicted of assault in 2012 in connection with the incident.

This week, an appeal judge acquitted Ademiec, ruling he did not commit assault because he was trying to score, not hurt another player.

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