It's been six years since folk-pop favourite JP Hoe has performed at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. He hits the Main Stage on July 11 and then keeps on performing all weekend long.

"It's amazing to be back and I'm thrilled because it's nice to be part of the fold and to be part of the largest music community in Manitoba who come out to the festival. I feel very privileged to be part of it," he said.

For his 'tweener act on July 11 at 9:15 Hoe will be joined by a pair of string players, Natanielle Felicitas and Solana Johannson. On Sunday, his full five-piece band joins him at the Shady Grove stage at 1:00 for a solid hour of new material and hits from his last album, Mannequin.

Hoe, who became a father ten months ago, seems to be constantly on the road, last year playing more than 120 dates, yet he still remain committed to Winnipeg and the prairies.

"I love that there's no pressure on us to become anything else," he said.

"I have this worry that if I were to have moved to Toronto or L.A. that maybe there'd be a spoken pressure, or an unspoken one, that you have to write a certain way, to create a certain kind of music, but here, with the people that I surround myself with and the organizations that I get to work with, I don't feel that pressure. I feel like all the artists in Manitoba and on the prairies write the songs that they want to write and if you can have some success by doing what you want to do, that to me is the idea of having it all.

"It's a really great place to live and to be a full-time musician. I'll hopefully keep writing as much as I can about this great city," he continued.

On his recent videos of "Nothing's Gonna Harm You," Hoe partnered with the very creative Proctor Bros. to create a kind of an animated cross-Canada travel video. Of special interest are the "twisted" models of some of the most iconic landmarks in Winnipeg, like the BDI and the Tallest Poppy.

After Folk Fest, Hoe and his band hit the road yet again, crisscrossing the country from P.E.I. to Canmore, AB and Ferny, B.C. before heading overseas for their first UK tour. Then it's back to the studio to record their next album.

JP Hoe performs a 'tweener July 11 on the Main Stage at the Winnipeg Folk Festival at 9:15. He presents a feature concert at the Shady Grove stage on July 13 at 1:00. He also plays many workshop stages including Big Bluestem on July 11 at 12:45, Shady Grove on July 12 at 2:00, WFF Muisc Stor Tent on July 12 at 4:00 followed by artist signing.