Jon Montgomery unlikely to make 2014 Olympics appearance

Former Manitoban and Olympic gold medallist Jon Montgomery has confirmed it’s unlikely he’ll be heading to the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Skeleton athlete from Manitoba says he plans to retire after a rough year

Canadian skeleton athlete Jon Montgomery celebrates his gold medal in February 2010. Montgomery said it's very unlikely he'll be competing in the 2014 Sochi Olympics. (Boris Minkevich/The Canadian Press)

Former Manitoban and Olympic gold medallist Jon Montgomery has confirmed it’s unlikely he’ll be heading to the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Montgomery, who is originally from Russell, Man., said he did not make Canada’s skeleton team this year and it may be his last in the sport.

There is some hope though. If Montgomery wins all of his remaining competitions there is a third spot being held he could qualify for.

In the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Montgomery took gold in the men’s skeleton event. His exuberant style led to world-wide celebrity, including an appearance on Oprah.

This year, though, was a little different.

Despite the let down, he said he has no regrets. Montgomery made changes to his equipment this year, including trying out three different sleds.

“I knew that to be successful in Sochi, I would have had to do something different, and of course I’m disappointed that it hasn’t turned out better for me,” said Montgomery. “I’ve struggled with that task of developing a competitive advantage through building my own sled.”

He said consistency and confidence are the keys to winning, and he hasn’t had that this year, as he struggled to find the right set up.

“I’m going to be able to walk away from the sport of skeleton should I make it to Sochi in 2014 or not,” he said. “Either way I’ll have no regrets and that’ll be something I can rest easy with.”

Manitoba has six athletes who have qualified for the Winter Olympics, including curler Jennifer Jones.

Ten others have qualifiers coming up, according to Randy Anderson of The Canadian Sports Centre Manitoba.

“Manitoba, in terms of qualifying, has done exceedingly well. I’m sure people are quite aware of the accomplishments of our curlers,” he said. “In Jennifer’s case, qualifying to represent Canada is hugely exciting for Manitoba.”

As for Montgomery, he said he may retire after the 2014 Sochi Olympics.


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