The Manitoba Jockey Club has launched a complaint against provincial Finance Minister Stan Struthers and the CEO of the Red River Exihibition Association.

The club, which owns Assiniboia Downs horse racing track, accuses the minister and others of breach of trust and fraud. The formal complaint and a request for investigation has been filed with the Attorney General of Canada and RCMP.

It's related to Red River Ex's plan to acquire the race track.

The MJC claims the Red River Ex is attempting to buy the track for below market price. It claims the Red River Ex used confidential, priviledged cabinet information in its bid, including information that the province may cut funding to the track in the next budget.

The club has been granted judicial review hearing in Queen’s Bench on April 26.

In response, the province released the following statement on Wednesday:

"The accusations being made by the Manitoba Jockey Club are false and without merit. They are being made as part of a campaign to hang on to $9.5 million in public subsidies.

"We understand that the MJC is disappointed with the government’s intentions but we have a duty to spend public funds responsibly.

"The budget will be delivered on April 16th as planned."