Family to refocus search efforts in Jennifer Catcheway's 9-year disappearance

New information about Jennifer Catcheway's nine-year disappearance has pointed her family back to Dakota Tipi First Nation, where they plan to search on Monday.

Barbecue and silent auction will raise funds for new search efforts

Jennifer Catcheway has been missing since June 19, 2008. (Family photo)

New information about Jennifer Catcheway's nine-year disappearance has pointed her family back to Dakota Tipi First Nation, where they plan to search on Monday.

"I'm very hopeful — it would be great to bring her home on the anniversary that she went missing," her mother Bernice Catcheway told CBC News. "It would be great to end just to end this nightmare once and for all."

It has been almost nine years to the day since the Portage la Prairie, Man. teen vanished.

Jennifer was last seen in Grand Rapids, Man. on June 19, 2008 — days before her 18th birthday.

The Catcheway family has been searching for her ever since and are even offering a $10,000 reward for anyone who finds her.

In 2015, the family searched Dakota Tipi First Nation, including a nearby landfill, and plan to comb the area again. 

Fundraising barbecue Saturday

The Catcheways are also hosting a barbecue and silent auction at their Portage la Prairie home. It runs Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. to raise funds for search efforts. 

"Whoever can make it, rain or shine," Bernice said, adding anyone who wants to join Monday's search in Dakota Tipi First Nation is welcome.

Jennifer's father Wilfred Catcheway said the family will leave "no stone unturned" but admits the approaching anniversary is difficult.

​"It's a very sad time," he said. "You relive it everyday that she's not home."