Jay Leno pokes fun at Wildrose bus blunder

Jay Leno is the latest American talk show host to poke fun at the Wildrose campaign bus.
The first version of the Wildrose bus was unveiled at an event in Edmonton on March 19. (John Archer/CBC News)

Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith has repainted her campaign bus, but last week's tire blunder continues to be fodder for talk show hosts in the United States.

"This is a woman in Canada that's running for office. She had someone paint her face and picture on the side of the bus as all the candidates do," Tonight Show host Jay Leno said on his program Monday night.

The audience erupted in laughter as he revealed the photo that went viral on Twitter last week showing the tires placed right on Smith's chest.

"I would move the picture, I would move the wheels down," Leno said. "It just looks bad."

Smith, who has shown a sense of humour about the gaffe, took Leno's comments in stride when asked about them on Tuesday.

Jay Leno shows the Wildrose bus photo in a bit from Monday's Tonight Show. (CTV)

"We did want attention on our bus, but it wasn't quite the attention I was anticipating," she said.

Leno isn't the only American talk show host to laugh at the Wildrose bus gaffe. Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen DeGeneres joked about the photo on their shows.

The party announced it would repaint the bus, hours after the first design was revealed on March 19. The new version was unveiled last Friday.