A female official was impaled by a javelin at a Canada Summer Games trial event over the weekend. Male youth were competing when the wayward spear struck the woman in the calf.

The incident happened at the Manitoba Age Class Championships Canada Summer Games Team Trials, being held at the University of Manitoba on Friday and Saturday, said Donna Harris, executive director of Athletics Manitoba.

The female official received medical attention quickly and was transported to hospital, Harris said. She called the incident a "freak accident" that was caused in part by the weather, which was rainy and windy at the time.

Harris said the area where the javelin was being thrown was a standard set-up and none of the events were cancelled or needed to be moved afterward.

Harris described the event as traumatic for those involved, but said the official did not have any injuries to her bones or major blood vessels and is expected to recover. The spear went through a part of her calf muscle, according to Harris.

Moments after the incident occurred, a volunteer removed the javelin before medical staff arrived, something Harris says will be reviewed.