Those heading out to work on Christmas Eve, rejoice.

The City of Winnipeg started plowing main routes, bus routes and collector streets on Wednesday evening and the streets are expected to be clean for the morning drive on Thursday.

Still, there is no word on when the city will call a residential street plow, and complaints from residents are piling up.

"It's just a matter of time before someone smacks into a car, because this is like soup," said Aaron Peters, who cleaned up what snow he could on Wednesday.

Winnipeg has been layered with 12 centimetres of snow since Tuesday. According to city policy, once snowfall measures up to 10 centimetres, plows roll out onto residential streets.

Diane Kunec's mother-in-law is 91, and Kunec said the snow covering residential streets poses a serious challenge.

"It would be challenging for her to get from a car over a snowbank," she said.

"It would be nicer if we didn't have as much snow, but we do. So, it would be nice if the city got on it, because if we keep getting more, the problem just keeps getting worse."

The city said on Wednesday that it is monitoring side streets.

For Monica Bock, that's an adequate response to Winnipeg's current conditions.

Bock said knowing the city just completed a $5-million snow-clearing initiative makes her okay with waiting for her street to be plowed.

"I'm really happy with the street efforts so far," she said. 

"The back lane got cleared right away, the front streets not as fast. But when they did get done, I was very happy and very pleased."

The City of Winnipeg is expected to provide an update about their plan to tackle residential streets on Thursday.