Tinsel, twinkle-lights and… Post it notes? A group of Winnipeg IT workers have used the stationary staple to get into the spirit this year and to spectacular effect.

The IT team at Ducks Unlimited have found a new use for the little sticky papers — creating an epic Christmas-themed tableau.

Staffer Colin Koop came up with the idea for a Christmas scene made entirely of Post-it notes when he was surfing the internet, looking for ways to win his office decorating contest.

“It gets pretty serious. It gets a little heated. Our boss is kind of choked that

[our department] didn’t win last year, so we knew we had to step it up a little bit,” he said.
Colin Koop

Colin Koop secures a Post it note to his office's top-prize winning holiday decoration. (Meagan Fiddler/CBC)

That’s when he spotted a video online of a man using Post-it notes to make art.

“He was sitting at a window, and it was just him tacking Post-it notes after Post-it notes, and I thought, ‘Hey! That’s pretty cool! I can do that!” said Koop.

So Koop and his IT colleagues went to work.

The group used hundreds of the sticky squares to create a scene complete with a Santa Claus, reindeer and a snowman. Then they embarked on their masterpiece — a Grinch.

The final product came after four people spent six hours affixing almost 1,000 Post it notes to the wall.

Koop said the group did it “just for the bragging rights — for the whole year!”

In the end, though, the group took the title, with a display that featured duck decoys in different positions for the 12 days of Christmas coming in second.

The opposition, though, was gracious in their defeat.

“It was good fun, and if we had to lose to anyone, the IT group did an awesome job, so it’s all good,” said Dave Howerter.