Over the next three days, Winnipeg will play host to cyclists from around the world with a penchant for cycling in chilly weather.

The International Winter Cycling Congress was underway in the city on Wednesday, with delegates from Denmark, the Netherlands, Finland, the United States and a number of other countries.

The conference aims to bring winter cycling experts, advocates and enthusiasts together in one place to figure out how to make more bike-friendly communities in the winter months.

About 200 people were expected to attend over the three days, with 60 speakers and panelists scheduled to participate.

Kaisa Karhula is in town from Finland for the congress to speak on winter maintenance of bike trails in Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

“I think they really made it work,” she said. “They have prioritized a network. They are not trying to do everything — just keep up [plowing and maintenance on] the main routes,” she said.

Karhula said she separate lanes for cyclists in Winnipeg could go a long way to encouraging winter cycling in the city.

"I think a lot of cyclists — they cycle with the cars in the same lanes. Especially in the winter time that might be a bit dangerous at some points, but if you have a separate network for cyclists, I think that could really make it work," said Karhula.