Winnipeg RCMP have busted a sophisticated CD and DVD pirating operation suspected of shipping thousands of illegal discs around the world every month, the police force announced Thursday.

Investigators raided the Winnipeg shop of on Wednesday, and seized equipment that included:

  • Three computers.
  • Label-making machines.
  • Five burning towers with the capability of copying 11,500 discs a day.

RCMP said they have fielded dozens of complaints over the past three years from the recording industry about

The pirated goods were allegedly being shipped to North and Central America, Europe and the Caribbean, according to an RCMP news release.

Charges are pending against a 31-year-old Winnipeg man, and police are investigating three other individuals.

Under Canada's Copyright Act, it is illegal to copy CDs and DVDs for sale, rent, distribution or public exhibition without the copyright owner's permission. It is legal, however, to make copies of music recordings for the copier's private use.