A soldier recovering from a brain injury was one of 14,000 people who took part in the 35th annual Manitoba Marathon.

Darrell Rostek  was injured in Afghanistan in 2008 when an IED exploded under his vehicle.

"I was checking the area out and it detonated right in between our road wheels and me, myself and a few other guys were hurt, but not too seriously, well seriously, but not life threatening," he said. "So here I am doing this today."

On Sunday Rostek laced up his runners and hit the pavement to raise awareness about intellectual disabilities.

"They were always telling me things I could and couldn't do because they were worried about me," said Rostek. "So this is my chance to do it and prove to people I can."

Winnipeg's Evans Maiko came in first with a time of two hours 28 minutes and 17 seconds. Brian Walker, who is also from Winnipeg, finished in second place just 20 seconds behind.

You can check out full results on the Manitoba Marathon page.

Drivers are being asked to be careful while some streets still remain closed as some runners are still out on the route.