A Winnipeg bicycle courier who was recently hit by a sport-utility vehicle is warning cyclists and motorists alike to be careful when sharing the road.

Glenn MacAulay says he has not been able to ride his bike since he was struck by an SUV while riding on the road over a week ago.

The collision happened on Portage Avenue near the Polo Park Shopping Centre. The person driving the SUV did not stop, MacAulay said.

"Just thud, and I was on the ground," he told CBC News on Monday.

"I was just laying on the ground, hit from behind straight-on. Nothing I could do."

MacAulay suffered a fractured vertebrae, bruises and road rash as a result of the collision.

He said victim's services officials have since told him the driver of the SUV is facing charges.

MacAulay, who hopes to get back to work soon, said he hopes that by sharing his story, cyclists and drivers will remember to share the road.

It's a sentiment shared by Andrea Tetrault, a local blogger who has relied on MacAulay's courier services for years.

"It was scary not only from a cyclist's perspective — like I said, I'm a fairly new commuter, my husband commutes, I know lots of my friends do — but as a driver as well," she said.

Tetrault said that was why she wrote a post about MacAulay's collision on her blog, Winnipeg CycleChick.

"I think this has to come down to a reasonable discussion of people understanding their responsibilities on the road — and that's cyclists and drivers," she said.