Spicy dishes and red-hot sales are coming out of the first Indian food truck to operate in the northern Manitoba city of Thompson.

Food truck

Sid Verma and his wife started Chillax in a trailer this past summer. (CBC)

Since Sid Verma and his wife started Chillax in a trailer this past summer, they have been met with success and even fan mail from happy customers.

"When this thing is on, the aroma goes out and the person who is just walking beside my trailer is forced to come in front [and ask], 'What are you making?'" he said.

​Verma said he was lured to Thompson by a day job at a mining vehicle company, but at night he wanted to cook food from his native India.

Chillax menu

Some of the culinary offerings at Chillax, Sid Verma's Indian food vendor in Thompson, Man. (CBC)

"This is the kind of thing I want to do," he said.

But Verma said his idea to be a food vendor in Thompson's sub-zero temperatures was initially met with a lot of skepticism.

"That was the biggest challenge which I was having when I used to discuss this business with anybody and everybody," he said.

Chillax trailer

Verma ran Chillax from this trailer over the summer, but because it's not winterized he's partially operating from a nearby commercial kitchen during the cold months. (CBC)

"Family, my wife, my friends, they used to say [to]

me, 'Come on, like, your dream is good, but it's good for southern Canada … but not over here.'"

Verma's food trailer is not winterized, so this winter he is partially running Chillax from a nearby commercial kitchen.

However, he said he plans to take the food truck out on the road in the spring.