Manitoba's police watchdog has determined a man who jumped from a third-storey window in August wasn't fleeing police who were on their way, but an alleged attack. 

The Independent Investigation Unit (IIU) is mandated to investigate after serious injuries occur involving police officers in Manitoba.

Winnipeg police were called to the report of a domestic assault involving a man armed with a knife at a suite in an apartment block on Balmoral Street on Aug. 24.

The IIU says police arrived to find the man had already jumped from a third-storey window.

He was found on the ground with an injured leg and was arrested.

An ambulance took him to hospital with a broken right femur.

On Thursday the unit said the man told IIU investigators he had no contact with police prior to his jump, and his first contact with police was after he hit the ground.

He told the IIU he was jumping out the window to get away from his ex-girlfriend, who he said was attacking him.