RCMP are advising motorists Friday morning to slow down and take it easy on highways, especially on the perimeter and the new CentrePort Canada Way, or Highway 221.

icy roads

Tricky driving conditions on the highway Friday morning left this vehicle on its side on the perimeter between Sturgeon Road and Highway 7. Eastbound traffic was down to one lane. (CBC)

Police say there is black ice on the road and it is very slippery.


Conditions on the north Perimeter Highway and Sturgeon Road put this vehicle and driver in the ditch Friday morning. (Trevor Dineen/CBC)

As many as six vehicles are in the ditch this morning on highway 221 and Sturgeon Road.

Only minor injuries have been reported so far.

CBC Traffic Reporter Trevor Dineen says a number of cars, trucks and semis have also been spotted in the ditch on the perimeter. 

Traffic is also down to 40 kilometres an hour in the area.

Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation has issued an advisory on the Perimeter around Winnipeg describing it as ice-covered and slippery.