Manitoba Hydro says the cost of repairing downed power lines after a snowstorm last Thursday will be at least $800,000.

The estimate is based on replacing about 230 power poles at $3,500 each.

About a dozen homes remained without power Tuesday and the state of emergency continues in southeastern Manitoba.

The homes are located near Lonesand in the Rural Municipality of Stuartburn, just northeast of Highway 12 but they were expected to be re-connected Tuesday evening.

More than 6,000 residents in that area of the province were without power last week after heavy, wet snow pulled down hydro lines and snapped poles.

Reeve Jim Swidersky said it may take some time to get hydro restored to those last few homes due to their "remoteness."

"And they actually have a lot of downed trees on their lines. So we're talking not a rehab, we're talking a total reconstruction of some lines," he said, adding people are coping well with the interruption.

"They've got generators on and they're cooking on propane stoves, barbeques; they've got hot plates, they're warming food on hotplates or boiling water; they have bottled water.

"Folks are enduring it."

Scott Powell with Manitoba Hydro said the storm snapped 250 hydro poles and crews have been putting in full, 16-hour days but aren't able to work overnight.

"It's a safety issue. As well, we can get work done much more quickly, much more safely, during the daylight hours," he said.

Powell expects power to be restored to the last homes some time on Tuesday morning.

Swidersky says once that happens, the RM will assess whether to keep the state of emergency in place.

In just one week Stuartburn has endured wildfires and snowstorms. Despite the latter, there may still be a problem with slow-burning peat in the rural municipality.