Hydro pole falls on Winnipeg Folklorama pavilion, cuts power

Manitoba Hydro crews were out Wednesday to repair a downed hydro pole getting between Winnipeggers and Folklorama.

Hydro pole repaired after falling on St. Boniface community centre hosting Andean pavilion

Manitoba Hydro were out repairing a downed hydro pole that fell onto Notre Dame Community Centre early Wednesday morning. (Thomas Asselin/CBC)

Power has been restored to the building housing Folklorama's Andean pavilion

Manitoba Hydro crews were out Wednesday repairing a fallen hydro pole that cut off power to Notre Dame Community Centre – the location of the Andean pavilion in St. Boniface.

Around 10 a.m. Wednesday a delivery truck backed into and downed the pole, Manitoba Hydro said.

Organizers at the Andean pavilion got a call around 11 a.m. notifying them of the potential hang-up for Wednesday night festivities.

Andean pavilion volunteers pressed on and were cooking food for the Wednesday night 6:45 p.m. show in a nearby location.

Power was restored in the nick of time and Andean pavilion festivities are going forward as planned.