Manitoba Hydro says power has been restored to most of the southeast after last week's storm. (Courtesy: Lothar Dueck)

Manitoba Hydro says the power is back on across much of southeast Manitoba after a snowstorm last Thursday took down more than 200 hydro poles and left 5,000-6,000 customers in the dark.

Hydro spokesman Scott Powell said there may be a few scattered spots without power today but service has been restored to most customers in southeastern Manitoba.

One of those still without service is Richard Poitras, 80, of Woodridge. Poitras had to cancel Thanksgiving dinner today and is eating sandwiches instead. He's is keeping his home warm with a propane heater and has a generator to keep the freezer and fridge going. "I am kind of depressed from all this disaster mess I 've got here," said Poitras. "I got a friend of ours borrowed us a little generator and it's enough to keep our deep freezers going and the fridge in the house. But you can't put anything else on it or else it kicks the breakers. We have to just struggle with it."

The municipalities of Piney and Stuartburn were among the areas hit most severely by the storm last week.

Powell said hydro crews made very good progress over the weekend but customers should call to report any remaining outages or downed power lines.

"We are asking for our customers assistance to just ensure that we haven't missed anyone and that we are not missing any unsafe situations," he said. "It's a wide geographic area and some of these lines are fairly remote on the distribution side and we just want to ensure that we just.. you know sometimes people don't call cause they think someone else has called down the road."

Power was expected to be restored to all customers by Monday evening.