Residents of The Maples in Winnipeg lined up again on Monday for water, after a main break on Sunday night disrupted their water supply.

The city said 16 homes and an apartment complex were affected after the main broke near Jefferson Avenue and Hiddleston Crescent at around 9 p.m. Sunday.

The city has sent a second water truck out to to cope with the line up of people.

water main jefferson

People lined up on Jefferson Avenue near Adsum Drive Monday, after a water main break Sunday night left them without water service. (Holly Caruk/CBC)

Residents were also lined up Sunday night at a city water truck. On Monday, some residents said they were frustrated. 

"My son went to the tap in the kitchen and then he says, 'Oh no, there's no water again,'" said Lorne Brown, who lined up with dozens of other residents at a water truck on Monday morning.

"Then we looked outside and there was a river going down the front street."

Brown said it's not the first time the neighbourhood has been inconvenienced. 

WATER MAIN jefferson

A water main break near Jefferson Avenue and Hiddleston Crescent Sunday flooded streets and disrupted the water supply to nearby residents. (CBC)

The affected apartment complex was previously hit by a water main break on New Year's Eve that flooded the parking lot, locking vehicles in thick ice. Residents waited days for hot water service to be restored.

"I think this is the worst winter that we've had that I can remember. Between the potholes and the water mains and the water pipes freezing, it's horrendous," Brown said.

"I don't know how people dealt with this kind of stuff 50 years ago or, you know, 100 years ago."

As for the latest water main break, a city spokesperson said Monday that it's being repaired and service should be restored later in the day.