Hundreds rally in anti-abortion event Manitoba March for Life

Hundreds of people gathered for the annual anti-abortion rally Manitoba March for Life Saturday morning at the Manitoba Legislature

Anti-abortion groups Manitoba Youth for Life, Winnipeg Against Abortion participate in march

200-300 anti-abortion protesters participated in the march, many holding signs that said "defend life" and "defund abortion."

Hundreds of people gathered for the annual anti-abortion rally Manitoba March for Life Saturday morning at the Manitoba Legislature.

Protesters maintain that the sanctity of life from conception to death should be respected, and that the law should limit or restrict the availability of abortion services.

Manitoba Youth for Life, Winnipeg Against Abortion, and other anti-abortion groups showed up for the event.
Anti-abortion supporters rallied in annual march from Manitoba Legislature through downtown Winnipeg Saturday.

Participants in the march carried banners that said “defend life,” and “defund abortion.”

Madison Giesbrecht with the University of Manitoba's Culture of Life, an anti-abortion student group on campus, participated in the event.

She was thrilled with the huge turnout of young people.

"I also have a sense of duty and obligation to defend the pre-born, to defend the mothers who feel pressured to have abortions," said Giesbrecht. "I just think there is just better solutions, better options, and that abortion should really be illegalized because the pre-born are human also."

Several people at the march spoke out against Justin Trudeau’s recent proviso that all candidates in 2015 running under the Liberal banner must be pro-choice.

Ninteen-year-old Eric Boulet was appalled by Trudeau's statements.

"This generation is the generation that survived abortion, because abortion really heightened in the 70s and 80s and 90s, and all these youth is from that era," Boulet said. "We live in a free country. We have freedom of speech, freedom of religion. But then to say you have to believe in what he believes in to join his party is very silly. He has definitely lost my vote for sure."

Maryse Chartier said Trudeau is forcing his personal view on those in his party and those who may want to run for the liberals.

She said that hardly gives people a choice.

"I was a bit disappointed. It goes against the charter of values which gives everybody the right to believe what you want.”

An estimated 300 people were present for the march, which wraps up with a banquet this evening.