A policy change at the Winnipeg Humane Society has many in the city worried about the future of some cats.

Starting this month, the WHS will no longer call people if the cat they dropped off is going to be put to sleep.

CEO Bill McDonald says in the past only a handful of people would come back to reclaim the feline and the WHS doesn't have room for all the cats dropped off at the shelter.

"Time after time we were getting people simply saying but I can't take the animal, but don't euthanize it. That's putting the humane society between a rock and a hard place position," he said.

In 2012 about 5,800 cats were brought in. More than 2,000 had to be put down.

Lynne Scott, who started the no-kill shelter Craig Street Cats a number years ago, questions how much effort it is for the WHS to first make a call and double-check with people before euthanizing the cat they brought in.

"If they are a humane society and are in existence for the purpose of providing humane care for animals to provide animal welfare, why could they not make a phone call," she said.