Winnipeg Humane Society maxed out with felines

The Winnipeg Humane Society is running out of rooms for cats and there doesn’t seem to be any indication the recent influx will lighten up.

Shelter adopting out cats free of charge to help reduce influx

The Winnipeg Humane Society is giving away cats free of charge until Aug. 18, in hopes of freeing up room at its building. (CBC)

The Winnipeg Humane Society is running out of room for cats and there are no signs the recent influx will slow down.

On Friday, the animal shelter put out a call for help on its Facebook page saying it had reached a state of emergency.

"It's been a very challenging couple of weeks," said Kyle Jahns, communications co-ordinator for the humane society.

The shelter said it had 437 cats in its care as of Friday and in the last week used one month's supply of cat foot and litter alone.

For the first time in 10 years, shelter staff have to house cats in portable carriers.

Part of the reason for the increase, Jahns said, is that the Humane Society no longer euthanizes sick cats upon arrival.

In hopes of freeing up space, cat adoptions are being provided for free until Aug. 18. 

Jahns said the Humane Society hopes people take them up on the offer. 

"When you adopt from a rescue you're being a true leader and helping making the world a better place."