The Friends of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights are going to Tinseltown.

Gail and Leonard Asper will be at the Golden Globe Awards in Hollywood next month, hoping to close an $8 million fundraising gap by rubbing shoulders with Canadians who have made it big in the movie business.

Museum spokesperson Kathi Neal said celebrities and influential journalists are among the people the Aspers are targeting.

"Of course those would be Canadians who are now living across the border in L.A., as well as members of the Hollywood community who are so very influential," she said.

Neal said the museum's fundraising group was invited to be part of the Canadian delegation to the Golden Globes by a Winnipeg business person.

"Friends [of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights] is absolutely over the moon at this incredible opportunity," she said. "It's an opportunity to attend a very exciting event and to connect with some very important people."

The Globes are handed out in early January.

The CMHR is scheduled to open September 20, 2014.