The Assiniboine Park Zoo's famous new resident, Hudson the polar bear, is getting comfortable in his new digs and working with trainers.

The 18-month-old polar bear, which was born in captivity, moved to Winnipeg from the Toronto Zoo in late January.

On a recent tour of Hudson's new home, his handlers told CBC News the bear is highly intelligent and is adjusting well.

The handlers have been training Hudson to do things like standing up on his hind legs.

But zoo visitors won't get to see that behind-the-scenes training, as staff say they don't want Hudson to get mixed messages.

"If we have people asking our animals for behaviours that we're training them to do, it can be really confusing and frustrating to the animal," said Heather Penner, Hudson's primary handler.

Penner said when staff members train Hudson to do something, they follow it up by giving him food.

"If people are asking our animals for behaviours and it's not followed by food, sometimes our animals can become really frustrated with that," she said.

Hudson lives in an enclosure that has three connected cages.

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