An angry letter is circulating on Lanark Street about a proposed development in Winnipeg's River Heights area.

It urges people to complain about the plans for a parcel of vacant land — a former school yard — at Lanark and Grosvenor Avenue, which has been used as a park for 20 years.

Some want it to be a bay with homes in a semi circle around a bit of green space.

"It's very concerning because it is a proposal of increasing the density [that] is very uncharacteristic or very incongruous with the rest of the character of the neighbourhood," said resident Brad Couch.

Developer Ryan Skrabyk said several complaints about the bay design have been raised at public meetings, including the placement of back lanes and the fact the lot is too small for a bay.

The plan goes to a city committee next Tuesday.

"We're hopeful and confident that once we get a chance to address the real issues and the reasons some changes were made that the community will be in support of it," Skrabyk said.