A new house built by a group of Manitoba high school students is hitting the road.

The project built by some 50 students at Lundar School, sold at an an auction for $79,000 to Andrew Dennis, a farmer and developer near Neepawa.

Dennis will move the 1,056-square-foot house to Brookdale, a bedroom community about 250 kilometres away, northeast of Brandon.

"It just kind of fit the bill … putting it in there. We're hoping to get a young family if we can, or a retired couple, or whatever," he said.

Dennis said he heard about the school project and was intrigued.

"And we thought, hey, this might have some heart and soul to it and a bit of a story. Let's look into it," he said. "So we did and that's kind of how we started. And that's kind of why I wanted it."

Lundar School officials said they needed at least $47,000 to recoup the cost of materials. The extra $32,000 from the sale will help pay for more building projects in the future.