Manitoba was the hottest place in Canada on Sunday as the scorching summer sun finally arrived.

After a long, cold winter and a wet, drawn out spring, Manitobans were starting to wonder if 2014 would be the year without a summer.

That question was answered on the weekend as many places in the province sizzles at 30 C or more. Gretna was the Canadian hot spot on Sunday at 32.8 C.

That same day, Victoria Beach set a record at 31.3 C, bettering the old mark of 29.7 C set in 2001.

In Winnipeg, the temperature on Sunday reached 30.8 C, just shy of the 31.5 C record from 2011. But it felt much hotter, closer to 39 with the humidity factored in.

The heat will linger this week, with the forecast calling for 28 C in Winnipeg on Monday and remain around 25 C to 27 C through to Sunday.

So enjoy, because the first day of winter is exactly five months away.