The temperature is heating up in Winnipeg, making dangerous days for pets.

In recent days, police have responded to reports of pets being left unattended inside vehicles during the daytime heat.

The police are urging people to not leave pets in parked vehicles for any period of time without proper ventilation or access to water.

Even on a warm day with a vehicle parked in the shade and windows slightly open, extreme temperatures can be reached and have a devastating impact, police said in a news release.

Signs of heat strokein pets include hard panting, muscle twitching, an anxious or dazed look, or vomiting.

Anyone who sees an animal in a parked vehicle this summer, and is concerned for its well-being, is asked to notify the management of the business closest to the vehicle in attempt to locate the owner as soon as possible.

And if necessary, call police.

Environment Canada is calling for sizzling temperatures in the next few days, starting with 26 C on Saturday and soaring to 31 C early next week.