It may be the end of March but it still looks like winter in parts of East Kildonan, where homeowners are dealing with monster windrows in their back lanes.

Susan McVarish on Helmsdale Avenue says the plows came through yesterday leaving behind the highest snow piles she's ever seen. Now she's concerned about how care workers will get in and out to help her mother.

"See those big chunks of snow? No shovel is going to be able to do that," McVarish told CBC News. "A snow blower wouldn't because it's just like thick chunks of arctic ice."

McVarish called 311 to complain, but city policy requires the homeowner to get rid of windrows, no matter how tall they might be. That means McVarish will have to foot the cost of clearing the snow.

"I'm really angry because you know, we pay taxes, we're supposed to have this dealt with," McVarish said. "And OK, I understand it's a bad year, but it's probably going to cost $250 or more to get this done."