Winnipeg's shelters are asking the public to donate their old winter clothing and footwear, which are in high demand following this weekend's snow storm.

At the Lighthouse Mission, so many people showed up seeking jackets and boots that staff lost count, says executive director Sean Goulet.

Goulet said men's and women's winter boots are in especially big demand, but the shelter also needs donations of tuques, mittens, scarves and even long underwear.

"Their lives are for the most part, you know, in real upheaval," he said.

"To know that you can give some level of comfort by giving them a jacket, a pair of pants, boots, mitts, whatever it might be, and to know that it's good stuff … it's fulfilling to know that they know they're cared for."

Eric Spencer, who came to the Lighthouse Mission looking for clothes on Tuesday, said everything he wears comes from the generosity of Winnipeggers.

"We thank them because most of us, we can't afford new clothes or things like that," he said.

"Every time they donate clothes like that, we're happy to get them."

The Salvation Army's Booth Centre says it is also looking for donations of warm winter clothes, especially boots.