A small tent city has sprung up in Winnipeg's Point Douglas neighbourhood.

People who live in the makeshift village, set up near Austin Street and Henry Avenue, say they are homeless because they can't afford low-income housing and they aren't allowed in the city-run shelters.

Jordan, one of the eight tenters, said the group was kicked out of the shelters because they are still abusing drugs and alcohol.


A small tent city is set up near Austin Street and Henry Avenue. (CBC)

"It's hard. You  have nowhere to shower, you have no public access to a washroom if you are barred from those places," she said.

"You have to go ask somewhere at the Mount Royal [hotel] or whatever to use the bathroom to even wash your face and brush your teeth every day."

Jordan has been living on the streets for about a year now. Before that she was in college and working but her life took a turn due to what she called several bad choices.

"I mean I have lost everything several times over. And yeah, a lot of time it's been because of my poor choices," she said.

"But if it wasn't for the people out here on the street helping me, I wouldn't have survived."

Winnipeg police say they are aware of the tent city and do not plan to remove anyone from the area, pending any issues.

"Our goal is to ensure their safety and react to an criminal activity," a police spokesperson stated in an email Friday.