Nearly 40 years after U.S. President Richard Nixon resigned amidst accusations of break-ins and coverups, former Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein will be in Winnipeg to talk about the legacy of Watergate.

Holding Power to Account

Holding Power to Account, an investigative journalism conference June 13-15, is taking place at the the University of Winnipeg. Guest speakers include CBC's Chief Correspondent Peter Mansbridge and Pulitzer Prize winner Carl Bernstein.

Bernstein, along with Bob Woodward, was in the forefront of pursuing the story that erupted when five men were arrested while trying to burglarize the Democratic National Committee offices in the Watergate complex in 1972. Hundreds of stories and a presidential resignation later, the two reporters ushered in the modern era of investigative journalism.

Bernstein is one of more than 70 speakers who will be attending an international conference called Holding Power to Account: Investigative Journalism, Democracy and Human Rights. It is being jointly organized by the CBC and the University of Winnipeg, from June 13-15.

With the opening of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights later this year, Winnipeg will be the site of many events and debates on the topic. The journalism conference is one of many that will explore how rights can be extended through dissemination of information and seeking accountability.

The conference features speakers from across Canada and the U.S., as well as Uganda, South Africa, Botswana, Malaysia, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Australia and other countries. Journalism academics from across North America will also be presenting results of recent research, with topics ranging from whistleblowing and cross-border investigations to investigating corruption in the world of sports.

For further information about the conference, including registration information, see  Early bird registration deadline is May 16.