Hockey Winnipeg isn’t planning on going public about disciplinary action taken against parents involved in an off-ice fight in Fargo, N.D., earlier this month.

That decision has some minor league sports coaches and parents questioning if bad behaviour is being handled properly.

“It’s horrible to see those types of things happen, and it’s rarely excusable,” said Scott Gaber, who coaches the Corydon Grizzlies, a hockey team of nine to 11 year old boys.

He said he’d like to know how Hockey Winnipeg punishes bad behaviour, after a fight between parents broke out in a Fargo locker room.

The incident happened after two Winnipeg teams played each other in a tournament in the U.S. city.

The River East Royals white team faced off against a Lord Selkirk team, but after the game concluded, a parent from the River East Royals went into the opposing team’s dressing room.

According to officials with the West Fargo Hockey Association, words were exchange and a fist fight broke out.

Hockey Winnipeg officials said they do plan on disciplining the parents of a minor league team player in connection with the incident, but they would not reveal how.

“I don’t know that this is in the public interest, necessarily,” said Don McIntosh of Hockey Winnipeg.

“I can see why the media wants it to be public interest but from a hockey perspective, I don’t.”

Hockey mom Amanda Gross disagrees. She said parents should know exactly what the consequences are to their actions.

“If they’re trying to, you know, enforce certain regulations, what’s the point if no one knows what’s going to happen?” she said.

Gaber added revealing the punishment could go a long way in terms of setting a tone for other parents.

“It seems odd that they wouldn’t make the consequences known, just so that you can almost make an example of that parent,” he said.